Tecnorado S.A.

Tecnorado S.A.

Calle primera, con trasversal 1, La heradura, La Chorrera, Panama Oeste - Panamá - Panamá

Tecnorado is your best partner in the business computer repair all problems quickly and affordably.
Usually, repair costs between $ 25 and $ 50. Best technical computer support Panama!

Please see what we can do for you:

- Windows and software installation
- Eliminate the virus and install antivirus
- Remove password
- Repair and USB port and load
- Recover data from the damaged device
- Replacement of memory components, hard disk
- Solve a problem blue screen
- Repair and wireless network
- Revive dead laptop
- Connect to the Internet

Our office is located in La Chorrera, horseshoe, 500 meters from Pan American


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