SisArm Panama Corp.

Vía Ricardo J. Alfaro PH, Torres de Milán Of 2C Ciudad de Panamá - Panamá - Panamá

We have 15 years in the market developing intelligent information for Latin America, focused on foreign trade and customs, providing a correct tariff classification of goods traded internationally.

We combine our databases with technological innovation, to offer our clients a simple and accurate search to arrive at the precise tariff code of their merchandise, relating explanatory notes, customs tariffs, referential trades of classification. We also take care of the publications of the World Customs Organization (WCO), the Explanatory Notes of the Harmonized System and official publications of Foreign Trade, since we are official distributors.

We provide updated information with the sixth amendment of the Harmonized System, keeping our customers up to date on classification and tariff coding. The World Trade Organization (WTO) not only uses our system but also recommends it extensively.


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